About Us

Hi, my name is Cliff Salway I would like to welcome you to 1st Sea School.

Please let me give you some of my background.

I am a local lad born in Portsmouth and I have an Army background, so why boats?

I started teaching boats in Hong Kong back in 1978. I left the army in 1996 and like many others I bought my first boat and that's where it started.

Having taken lessons myself and working my way through the RYA syllabus I became an RYA qualified Instructor, after working for others for a few seasons I then qualified to run my own school.

I take pride in getting clients to not only learn new skills but also enjoy it.

I have instructed on a wide range of both small and large craft and in various locations both in the UK and throughout Europe.  I am more than happy to come to you. In recent years I have been skippering for familes in the Meditteranean.

So why not have a go,  who knows where or what it may lead to.